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Explore the Rockies & More With a Campervan Rental in Calgary

Are you ready to explore the Canadian Rockies or Alberta Badlands, check out a festival or concert, go fishing in our world-famous rivers or hit our world-class ski resorts in a campervan from Calgary?

Renting a campervan in Calgary is easier than ever before with Karma Campervans. Calgary is the perfect originating destination to get to top tourism hot spots like Banff and Jasper National Parks, Lake Louise, the Alberta Badlands and Waterton National Park. This outdoor playground is all within a short 1-2 hr drive from Karma Campervans HQ. That’s right, Calgary is also our original location! We are a super short 5 minute cab or Uber ride from the Calgary International Airport.

Campervan rentals in Calgary

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Campervan rentals in Calgary


Calgary Uncovered

You may know Calgary from our gracious western hospitality, cowboy roots (ever heard of the famous Calgary Stampede?), or a little something called the ’88 Olympic Winter Games. Of course, we’ve had our booms and busts over the past hundred years, but that’s what makes this maverick town and its people have so much character.

Today Calgary is a city of just over 1 million people who welcome visitors from everywhere with open arms to experience our love of the outdoors, beautiful landscape, access to world-class tourism destinations in the Alberta Rocky Mountains and the best place to book a Banff RV rental. You’ll be hard-pressed to ask someone for directions and not get a warm smile and a few tips along the way. Calgary truly is a place to see in Western Canada year round.

Things to see and do

Things to See and Do From Calgary

Campervan rentals in Calgary

Calgary is an exciting city, and it’s close to so many great sights, sounds, and experiences. It’s hard to sum up all of the incredible things to do near Calgary!

We’ve compiled a list of things you must do near Calgary and places we love to visit in North America to help you brainstorm your weekend getaway.

One way Rentals

One Way Campervan Rentals From Calgary

Please contact us prior to booking your one-way campervan trip from Calgary to ensure we have an available campervan in that city, and the rental time frame works with the booking afterwards or a return trip.

We have a second location in Vancouver for you to drop off the campervan you rented in Calgary. There is a one-way fee that will be added to your trip rental rate, and the extra fee depends on your originating and ending location pick up and drop off. A minimum 5-night booking and advanced booking of 14 days or more prior to your trip is required.

We also occasionally have one-way camper rental opportunities at a reduced rate.

View one-way opportunities currently available.

Sign up to our one-way deal alert email list and we’ll send you deals as they become available.

Staying in calgary?

Here Are Our Top Things You Must Do in Calgary

Beautiful locations in Calgary
Some people just want to spend some time in the big city, and that’s perfectly fine! There are a number of campgrounds in and around the city for you to stay in. To help you get the most out of your stay and kick off your Calgary road trip, we’ve compiled a list of things you must do in Calgary.
Our Karma Campervans are a great way to see the city of Calgary and beyond! Our brand new Ford Transit vans are easier to drive and maneuver than some of the other RV rentals in Calgary, but have all the amenities you’d expect from a premium camper rental in Calgary. We are also the perfect place to book your Banff RV rental, with easy access to the Rockies. If you want some help planning your next van life adventure, contact us. One of our campervan aficionados will help you start planning a road trip you’ll never forget.

Let Karma Campervans be a part of your next adventure

Choose Karma Campervans for your next Canadian adventure – Pick a route or destination and let Karma’s affordable RV rental options be a part of your journey.

Starting at just $64.

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