Karma campervan features

Why Book your RV Rental with Karma Campervans?

Are you ready to plan your next adventure? If you’re looking to hit the open road and travel with ease, renting a Karma Campervan is the way to go. There are too many boring RV Rentals in western Canada. Karma Campervans was born from a need to create an exciting and affordable RV Rental in Calgary and Vancouver. Our Karma Campervans have everything you need to travel in comfort and style. From many of the amenities you have at home to our handcrafted interiors made from locally sourced goods, our Karma Campervans are built to deliver a camping experience you will never forget. We’ve even partnered with a few local establishments to give you some unexpected delights to deliver an even better experience.

Our Karma Campervans are built using “High Roof” Ford Transit vans. They feature an ecoboost engine for power and fuel efficiency and an automatic transmission so they are easy to drive. These puppies make travelling from coast to coast a breeze! On the inside, our Karma Campervans feature a bed big enough for two adults, ample storage for all of your clothes and camping gear, a kitchen, large fresh and greywater containers, and finally camping chairs and a coleman cooler to complete the camping essentials. They give you everything you need to hit the road and have a good time. Where else are you going to find an affordable RV Rental in Calgary or Vancouver that is this well equipped?

On top of the essentials, we have USB outlets throughout the van to charge your electronics, cookware, three-zone LED lighting and an interior design that is second to no other RV rental. The interior of a Karma Campervan gives the look and feel of a modern-rustic home. It doesn’t just look sweet, it’s been designed to give you all the functionality you need to take on your next epic adventure. Finally, the cozy down duvet and queen size bed are there to ensure you have a great sleep once you’ve tuckered yourself out from a day filled with adventures. Superheroes need rest to conquer mountains and tackle the biggest waves!

If all of that awesome stuff isn’t enough, we offer additional utilities that are unmatched by other RV Rentals in Vancouver or Calgary. We offer optional porta potty, refrigerator and other add-ons to ensure you are fully kitted out and ready to take on any adventure. Well, what are you waiting for? Book a Karma Campervan rental today and let us show you why it’s the best RV Rental in western Canada.