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Karma Campervans’ mission is to create amazing experiences by way of remarkable road trips that our Guests remember for ever. We also believe beautiful art should be part of this road trip experience. Karma Campervans is excited to be featuring artwork in our campervans from local Western Canadian Artists.

Artists often draw inspiration from their surroundings where they live, work and play. They incorporate these elements unique to their region into their creations. This is why we chose Western Canadian Artists for this project. By featuring their work, Guests can gain a deeper understanding of the identity and the cultural values of Western Canada. As we feature and celebrate local artists, we hope to unlock the potential for profound artistic experiences that can touch the hearts and minds of everyone involved.

Karma Artists

Meghan of Bellamy Home Studio is known for creating calming landscapes and relaxing paint by number art kits. Her main mediums are watercolour and wood. She uses these materials in order to create one of a kind artwork. An artist living on Vancouver Island, Canada. When not creating artwork she is constantly looking for inspiration by exploring the island with her dog, Luna.

Check out Meghan on her social media and find her artwork here

Kirsten is known for her modern and colourful representations of nature. Exploration and connection to nature largely inspires her work. Kirsten’s art captures landmarks from Alberta to the BC coast, focusing on the majestic Rocky Mountains. Hopeful to inspire others to get out and explore, her work touches on larger themes of community and building connection through shared experiences.

Find Kirsten’s artwork on her website and her instagram

Leah Cathleen is a CDN fibre artist. Born and raised in Calgary, she facilitated school field trips at the Leighton Art Centre for 12 years. 14 years ago, Leah discovered felting and she left Leighton to start her own company – ArtFelt Studio. Leah creates her art using wool – using both needle and wet felting techniques – and has a delightful passion for teaching this art process. Leah’s art has won awards at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede and the top award of the fibre art section at the Millarville Fall Fair. She was the guest artist at Lougheed House for Alberta Art Days and regularly demonstrates felting at Custom Woolen Mills and Leighton Art Centre events.

Head over to Instagram to find Leah @leahcathleencreates and @artfeltstudio. You can also find Leah’s artwork on her website here

Van is based in Calgary, AB. However, can be found mainly be found working and playing in the Rocky Mountains. Growing up Van often dabbled with drawing, mostly with pencils and coloured pencils. Adult years were where Van found love for painting with oils. 

Van tends to paint everyday freeze frames, eliciting memories of fun family times at the ski hill. Van’s artwork is whimsical in nature with vibrant and playful figures providing a dreamlike, take-me-back-to-that-day kind of feeling.

Check out Van’s artwork here!

Emma is an artist based out of Vancouver, originally from Perth Western Australia. Most weekends Emma can be found off the beaten track climbing to new peaks or racing down ski runs.

Emma’s artwork artwork is modern, fluid and painterly in style. Emma is inspired by the works and style of Georgia O’keeffee and works primarily in acrylics and watercolours. The stunning nature in BC allows Emma to create stunning landscapes with a sense of whimsy and a vibrant colourful spin.

Find Emma’s artwork here and on Instagram @mzdartstudio.

Scott is a photographer based in Parksville BC. Scott finds inspiration in the world around him. Scott mainly shares his photography through Youtube. The platform gives Scott a way to share the love of photography be able to learn and improve my skills along the way, as well as teach others.

You can also find Scott’s photographs on his Instagram

Julya Hajnoczky was born in Calgary, Canada, and raised by hippie parents, surrounded by unruly houseplants, bookishness and art supplies, with CBC radio playing softly, constantly, in the background. Inevitably as a result, she grew up to be an artist. Her multidisciplinary practice includes digital and analog photography, and seeks to ask questions and inspire curiosity about the complex relationships between humans and the natural world.  In 2017, Julya built her mobile natural history collection laboratory (a combination tiny camper and workspace, the Alfresco Science Machine), and since then has been exploring the many ecosystems of Western Canada. If she’s not in her home studio working on something tiny, she’s out in the forest working on something big. 

Find her artwork here and on her instagram

Eric is a born and raised Calgarian whose passion is photographing everything Alberta. From towering rocky mountains in the west, golden hay fields of the east and everything in between. You can usually find Eric snapping shots on the way to work or taking a Saturday to search for that perfect shack in a farmers field.

Head to to find Eric’s art and find him on Instagram here

Multifaceted visual artist and painter, Laura Jane Klassen brings bold colour and contagious energy to the rain-drenched, snow-covered coastal mountain region of Canada’s west coast. Her art invites viewers to engage with the technicolour energy of life, the freedom and sheer joy of the mountains, and inspires them to immerse themselves in the beauty that surrounds. To Laura, art is both an expression of her own passion and a tool for relationship building, personal growth, and social connection.

Find her art here and on Instagram

Terri-Lynne is a Port Moody, British Columbia based photographer who loves adventures, experiences and beautiful sunsets. Terri-Lynne loves to capture photographs from in and around British Columbia and Alberta that showcase stunning sunsets & beautiful adventures.

Terri-Lynne’s artwork can be found here and on instagram here

Danika Dawn is a Canadian artist from Vancouver Island, currently living in Calgary. She has always had a passion for art and started creating at a young age. Danika is a self taught oil painter specializing in equine and animal expressive realism. Her paintings aim to capture the spirit of a subject through the eyes. Danika’s work is inspired by nature, travelling and her love for animals. 

You can find Danika’s work on her instagram and her website

Jesse is a nature, tourism & wildlife photographer who has a special love for minimalism. Currently based in Montreal, Québec. However, frequents the the beautiful western provinces.  Jesse is also a content creator and traveler every other week when my dadlife allows it!

Jesse’s work can be seen on his website and as well as on Instagram

Andrée-Anne Paradis is a French Canadian artist from Calgary, Alberta, and mountain lover. Her artwork reflects her quest of SIMPLICITY. She is inspired by the magnificent Rocky Mountains that she explores with her partner and their two kids. 

Influenced by her background in graphic design, the schematic and geometric shapes give an aspect of visual identity to her creations. She features well known mountains and peaks. The coloured gradients result from her passion of making her own COLOURS. She essentially paints with the three primary colours, black, and white. The purity of WHITE on the canvas is reminiscent of calm and minimalism so coveted in the chaos of our current world.

Check out her website and Instagram page

Larissa Lee is an exceptionally talented coastal photographer, operating from the picturesque location of Deep Cove in North Vancouver. As a gifted visual artist with a keen eye for creativity, she skillfully captures the mesmerizing moments between land and sea. Her passion for travel, the ocean, and fashion serves as an endless source of inspiration that beautifully reflects in her captivating work. Through exciting collaborations with both local and national brands, she artfully captures the essence of everything she holds dear, celebrating the beauty that surrounds her.

You can find Larissa Lee’s photograms on her instagram @bylarissalee and @larissalee.p.

Jeweliyana is a multidisciplinary artist working in acrylic painting, fused glass and digital design. Jeweliyana grew up in Calgary, worked in the oil patch as a geological technician and then in the promotional advertising industry for 20 years before walking away from it all in 2008 to become an artist full time. Jeweliyana loves how art mimics life. You’ll find stratigraphic cross sections and fossilized details in some of Jeweliyana’s glass work. The love of pattern making for imprint was born out of Jeweliyana’s years of printing logos on promo products. Jeweliyana finds inspiration everywhere, but lots of it comes from road trips off to the mountains or even just from the big beautiful prairie sky country.

Find Jeweliyana on Instagram @infusedartwork, @infusedglass, and @infuseddesignandprint. You can also check out her artwork on her website here. 


JM grew up by the beach in Mexico, lived in California and is now based in Canada. JM’s style of art is based on the love and passion of the ocean. His artwork is a beautiful mix of reality and a vibrant colour “take it easy” world.

Connect with JM on Instagram and find more of his artwork on his website

Kara Rowley is a wildlife artist located in temperamental Calgary, Alberta, beside the mighty Bow River.  Kara is grateful to live on the traditional lands of the Blackfoot people who are the original caretakers and have walked here for generations.  People often say her animal art makes them feel good, happy, or joyful, which speaks to Kara’s inner spirit. Kara paints with acrylic and prefers bright, bold colours.  As a self-taught and continual learning artist, her process is undefined and constantly evolving. Kara often uses recycled canvas and really enjoys how the previous textures subtly appear on the finished pieces. Frames are  handmade by Kara because it enhances the rustic, outdoorsy concept and adds texture to the overall work. Kara’s goal is to find homes for all of her animals and have them continue to spark joy for years to come.  
Check Kara out on her website and Instagram

Jordan has a background that spans many different industries and his artwork brings all his practical skills and his artistic side together into one project. Creating at the base of the Rocky Mountains never ceases to amazing Jordan and being able to share his creations with the public inspires Jordan to create even more. The majority of materials Jordan uses are reclaimed or salvaged.  Jordan tries to re-purpose or reuse as much product as possible in all of his creations. As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Find Jordan on Instagram and his website

Stephen is a visual artist based out in Okotoks, Alberta. Stephen is a self taught artist creating artwork on Adobe Illustrator. Stephen finds inspiration in the world around him and his artwork primarily consists of beautiful Western Canadian landscapes. 

You can find Stephen on Instagram here

Stephanie is a born and raised Calgarian and was a regular hiker, skier, camper and outdoor enthusiast during childhood and young adulthood. Artwork has always been a hobby for Stephanie but, as a rare neuromuscular disorder increasingly impacted her mobility over the last decade, she began to take her art more seriously and hone the craft. Stephanie draws mostly woodland animals and commissioned pet portraits in bright colors, and she continues to expand on a humorous picture-and-story series called Beasts With a Backstory.

Check out all of Stephanie’s artwork on Instagram @brightandbeautifulbeasts.

Elsie or also known as “Shirley Vuong” is a multidisciplinary Artist/Designer who loves to experiment with different mediums & is currently focusing on paper craft. Art has always been a big part of Shirley’s life, through experimenting with different mediums, such as: drawing, painting, graffiti, and cooking. She pushed it further by attending culinary school, and then design school. Inspired by the array of colours and the ability to manipulate and create intricate sculptures, this is where Shirley found her love for tactile design. Her creations are handcrafted and made entirely of paper; they are whimsical, playful and vibrant, with faceted faces. Her work plays on the notion of surprise and encourages thinking outside the box, and aims to embolden others to believe they can create something amazing with as little as a piece of paper.

Find Shirley’s work on her website and her Instagram

Karin lives and plays in the Kootenays of Eastern British Columbia. Fernie, British Columbia is where Karin calls home and here she can be found skiing, hiking and mountain biking. Karin has painted for over 20 years and has taken artwork more seriously since retiring to Fernie. Karin is inspired by the rhythm, dance and movement in her beautiful home area and uses her artwork to try to capture what people and animals enjoying these elements.

Karin’s artwork can be found on Instagram and her website!

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