Explore Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest with a Karma Campervan

Our 4-season campervans in Western Canada are ready to go wherever the open road will take you. The Pacific coast and the Rocky Mountains are waiting for you! Plus, these well-appointed campervans for hire in Canada have all of the comforts of your regular home and come with everything you need to explore our incredible backyard.

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The Advantages of a Karma Campervan Rental in Canada

Our campervans have been created with locally sourced materials and put together by some of the finest craftspeople around here! If you’re looking to make your next road trip one you’ll never forget, look no further, our campervans will deliver the road trip van rental experience of a lifetime. To sweeten the deal, we’ve even partnered up with some awesome local establishments to include a few treats as a surprise. It’s easy to see why these are the best campervan rentals in Canada!

Our Locations for Campervans in Western Canada

We currently have two locations for you to rent a Karma Campervan; Calgary and Vancouver. These are two major cities that make a great passageway to the Trans Canada highway, the great Canadian Rockies, and the coast.

We Have Karma Campervan Rental Locations in Calgary and Vancouver

If you’ve never been to Calgary or Vancouver, you’re in for a treat! These two cities are amongst the most livable in Canada and are great all by themselves, independent of their proximities to other awesome destinations. They have great attractions, places to eat, nightlife and airports within a short drive of our rental locations. If you’re flying into either city, we’re sure you will enjoy time spent in them before taking off. We’ve picked these locations for a reason – both cities are a great portal into our beautiful Canadian and Pacific Northwest backyard. Wherever you choose to begin your adventure, we’re sure you’ll be in for some #GoodCamping along the way!