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Explore the West Coast with a Campervan Rental In Vancouver

Are you ready to explore world world-renowned destinations like Metro Vancouver, Squamish, Tofino, Whistler, Victoria and Vancouver Island in a campervan from Vancouver?

Canada’s west coast city, Vancouver, British Columbia, is the number one place to rent a campervan and satisfy your vanlife craving. And our campervan rental depot is conveniently located just 15 minutes from the Vancouver International Airport; the ideal spot to pick up your campervan and begin your Vancouver road trip.

Get ready to visit world-renowned destinations like Metro Vancouver, Squamish, Tofino, Whistler, Victoria and Vancouver Island. Or head inland toward Okanagan wine country, Nakusp and endless mountain ranges. These hot spots are just a short drive from Downtown Vancouver. Or maybe you want to go south to the USA Pacific Northwest, Seattle, and the Oregon Coast? Yep – you can do that too!

Our 4-season Vancouver campervan rentals are the ultimate way to start off your holiday getaway.

Beautiful location in Vancouver

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Campervan rentals in Vancouver


Vancouver Uncovered

Vancouver has appeared on numerous “top places to visit” guides and there’s no shortage of reasons why. This city of over 3 million boasts being on the beautiful west coast, surrounded by greenery, laden with beaches and with a rich Indigenous history. One of the only places in Canada that doesn’t get snow, Vancouver’s mild climate is a welcome reprieve.

You might also know Vancouver for its diverse multiculturalism, restaurant scene with a few top chefs, and a little something called the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The most popular time to visit Vancouver is in the summertime when beaches are hopping, patios are busy and the days are long. All of this makes the city a great starting point for your Vancouver road trip!

Things to see and do

Things to See and Do From Vancouver

Beautiful locations to visit in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a great starting point for your next vanlife adventure. It’s hard to sum up all of the incredible things to do near Vancouver, the list could go on forever!

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of things we would consider a must-do near Vancouver and places we love to visit a bit further in the Pacific Northwest to help you craft the ultimate weekend getaway.

One way Rentals

One-Way Campervan Rentals
From Vancouver

Please contact us prior to booking your one-way trip from Vancouver to ensure we have an available campervan in Vancouver, and the rental time frame works with the booking afterwards or a return trip.

We have our drop-off location in Calgary for you to end your trip with the campervan rented in Vancouver. There is a one-way fee that will be added to your trip rental rate, and the fee depends on your originating and ending locations. A minimum 5-night booking and advanced booking of 14 days or more prior to your trip is required.

We also occasionally have one-way camper rental opportunities at a reduced rate.

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Staying in Vancouver?

Here Are Our Top Things You Must Do in Vancouver

Places to visit in Vancouver

Some people just want to spend some time exploring the sights and sounds of Vancouver, and that’s perfectly fine! There are a number of campsites and RV parks around Vancouver for you to stay in during your vacation. To help you get the most out of your stay and kick off your Vancouver road trip, we’ve compiled a list of things you must do in Vancouver.

Our Karma Campervans are the best way to see Vancouver and the pacific northwest! Our brand new Ford Transit campervans are easier to drive and maneuver than some of the other Vancouver RV rentals, and they have all the amenities you’d expect from a premium Vancouver campervan rental. If you need a hand planning your next epic vanlife adventure, contact us. One of our campervan aficionados will help you plan the Vancouver road trip of a lifetime. Let us show you why we are the best RV rental company out there!

Let Karma Campervans be a part of your next adventure

Choose Karma Campervans for your next Canadian adventure – Pick a route or destination and let Karma’s affordable RV rental options be a part of your journey.

Starting at just $64.

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