Q & A with The Globe Wanderers

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many travel content creators and are always amazed at not only the content that is produced and shared by people who have literally “the greatest job in the world,” but also their wisdom and insight into making a good trip into a great one. We got a chance to catch up with Kaylee and Jake of The Globe Wanderers after their recent (and second) trip with Karma Campervans.You’re clearly avid travellers. How has the COVID pandemic affected you and what have you done to scratch the travel itch? As travel content creators, the COVID pandemic has impacted us in more ways than one! Not only is travelling an important hobby to us, it is also part of our business! So with that, we decided to put all of our international travel plans on hold and we opted to stay local and explore more of Canada! This is something that we had been wanting to do for a very long time so we were eager to start planning local activities and travelling to other communities when it was safe to do so! We loved the idea of using a campervan as our hub for our adventures. Karma Campervans offered us the perfect balance of seclusion and adventure, as everything that we needed was right there in the van. So we planned a fall trip to Banff National Park using the Calgary Karma Campervan Hub and then a summer British Columbia adventure with the Vancouver Karma Campervan Hub! We made some incredible memories and are very thankful to live in such an incredible country with so many beautiful outdoors spaces to admire and explore. What did you do to prepare for your BC campervan trip? How did you pick the spots you’d overnight at? Before our Karma Campervan trip in B.C., we did plenty of research on the Parks Canada and Provincial Parks website! We always check the weather conditions, if there are certain places that are only open for various seasons or if a wildfire has impacted an area. From there, we come up with a list of hikes and sights that we wanted to see, and group them together based on their location. Once we have narrowed down the list of places we absolutely cannot miss, we start looking for campgrounds/ free overnight parking sites that are close by! The majority of campgrounds are through the B.C. Provincial Parks website, but there are a variety of private campgrounds around B.C. as well. One of the qualities we love about Karma Campervans is that the vans themselves look like regular vehicles so we can get away with “boondocking” in certain areas. If we are really in a crunch, we can always rely on a good ol’ Walmart parking lot! Ok let’s talk gear – what do you always take with you when you travel? What did you forget on this trip you wish you had? And what would you recommend other Karma Guests remember for their campervan trip? As avid travellers, we feel like we are starting to perfect the art of packing! We always use packing cubes to organize our clothes so they are easier to find once you unpack your suitcase. We knew that we would be doing a LOT of hiking in B.C. so we made sure to pack our hiking shoes,our Camelbaks and quick dry towels in case we wanted to swim in some alpine lakes along our hikes. We also always bring headlamps with us! Headlamps come in handy for campgrounds in the evenings if you have to make your way to the washroom, or for early morning hikes! .Somehow we managed to forget Mosquito repellent and Sunscreen this trip! Thankfully that is something that was easily purchased once we arrived in B.C.

We can always count on Karma Campervans to provide all of the essentials when we are planning an adventure with them! The van comes equipped with a camp stove and propane tanks as well as utensils and pots and pans for all of our camp meals! The van also has chairs and a table to enjoy your morning coffee at your campsite, or play cards by the campfire. The bed is set up with comfy blankets and pillows for the perfect night’s sleep! There are options to add on a plug in fridge and a portable toilet for a more luxurious camping experience! If you are planning an adventure with Karma Campervan’s, all you really need to bring is yourself, some groceries and sunscreen and mosquito repellent!

What do you suggest people cook to keep things delicious but simple at the same time? Any secret recipes to share?

We always plan some pretty epic camp meals when we stay with Karma Campervans as the van comes fully equipped with everything you would find in a kitchen at home! We like planning one pot/ one pan meals for quick clean up or cooking over the campfire too for some nostalgia. Some of our favourites are:

The Morning Scrambler: Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pan over medium heat. Break a Spicy Italian or a Chorizo Sausage out of its casing, break into small pieces and cook all the way through. Once the sausage is almost done, dice a small yellow onion and a bell pepper and add this to the pan, cook until soft. In the meantime scramble a few eggs (we use 4 for two people) and set aside. Once the peppers and onions are soft, add the scrambled eggs to the pan and fold in. Add a half a cup of pre-shredded cheddar cheese (pre-shredded cheese is a camping life saver!) to the pan as well as salt and pepper to taste. Cook until the eggs are done all the way through and enjoy!

Campfire Pizza: This is a crowd favourite and is SO easy to make. We set up a pizza making station on the table and everyone can make their own pizza the way they like it. Our pizza station includes: Pizza sauce in a jar, pre-shredded cheese, sliced pepperoni and White Wonderbread! However, you can add more toppings if you wish. To make: use a Campfire Pie Iron (you can buy them at Walmart!)  and place a slice of Wonderbread on both sides. Add pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni to one side. Close the Campfire Pie Iron and lock. Hold over the coals of a campfire to cook. Check on the pizza every 5 minutes to make sure it isn’t burning. Cooking time varies based on the amount and temperature of the coals!Do you believe in Karma? What are some ways people can give back to themselves or to others to earn Karma now and in the future?

We definitely believe in Karma! Our biggest piece of advice for giving back is following in “Leave No Trace” Principle. By following this, you ensure that nature stays beautiful for everyone to enjoy for generations to come! We always bring a garbage bag with use to pick up any trash we may see on hikes so we can dispose of it properly and it doesn’t end up as a meal for a wild animal or in our lakes and rivers.What and when is your next adventure?

We have some pretty exciting adventures coming up! We are heading out on our first international trip in over a year and a half in September. We will be traveling to Barbados!


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