Parks Canada announces closure to public parking at Moraine Lake

Parks Canada has prohibited public parking at Moraine Lake Road. The policy will be in force year-round.

Unfortunately, the high demand for parking required traffic flaggers to be present 24 hours a day. Parks Canada stated that during the peak period in summer 2022, the parking lot remained full for nearly 24 hours a day. This meant that most visitors who attempt to drive to Moraine Lake are turned away as parking lots are full.Karma Campervan in Rocky Mountains

To facilitate visitors to Moraine Lake, Parks Canada will run shuttles and allow third party transportation providers (e.g. tour buses).

Parks Canada says it will not be running any shuttles to the Park and Ride via Whitehorn Drive between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. This is to help limit the disturbances of wildlife.

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