Best Canadian Road Snacks

You’ve picked up your Karma campervan and now you are ready to hit the road! Whether your destination is 1 hour away or you’re in it for the long haul, these are the best Canadian road snacks that you will want for your ride. Female cutting fruit in Karma Campervan


Hickory Sticks

Imagine a regular chip that has been julienned into thin strips and then infused with a hickory smoke flavour. 

Hawkins Cheezies 

Hawkins Cheezies were invented after the Second World War and continue to be sold across Canada. Unlike other brands, such as Cheetos, that melt in your mouth, Hawkins Cheezies have a distinct crunch. They come in endless sizes, from hefty lumps to skinny nibs. 

Ketchup Chips

These are a Canadian chip staple! Ketchup chips combine the slap of vinegar, the sweet taste of cooked tomatoes and sugar, and all the salt of an ocean skinny dip.

All Dressed Chips 

All Dressed chips bring everything that the name promises! These chips are a blend of ketchup, barbecue, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar. 

Coffee Crisp

Coffee Crisp chocolate bars are a delicious combination of chocolate, coffee flavour and crispy wafer. 


These candy-coated chocolate pieces can be found across most of the world. However, they aren’t something you’re going to easily find in the United States. These are not to be confused with the American version of Smarties, which are what Canadians know and love as Rockets! Canadian Smarties Chocolate Canady


Caramilk is a milk chocolate bar filled with caramel. The secret to how the soft flowing caramel gets into the bars of chocolate is a 44 year old secret safely locked away within the Gladstone chocolate factory in Toronto, Ontario.


The Crunchie Bar is a classic Canadian Chocolate Bar consisting of honeycomb, smothered in thick milk chocolate. The Crunchie Bar first appeared in Canada during the 1960s and has been an iconic Canadian chocolate bar ever since.

Big Turk

Turkish Delight in the form of a chocolate bar! The unique chocolate bar is filled with a magenta-coloured, rose water-infused Turkish Delight and is covered in milk chocolate! 

Mackintosh Toffee 

Lovingly referred to as “MACK”. This sweet, hard toffee is made by Nestle and only distributed in Canada.

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