Ten Must-Haves In Your Hiking Bag

Heading out for a day hike is an enjoyable way to explore Western Canada when traveling around in your Karma Campervan. When you go out for a day hike, carrying the right gear to ensure you are prepared in any situation is absolutely critical. Whether you are going out for a 60 min hike or a full day hike, below is a guide of what should be in your backpack!

Karma Campervan in Canadian Rocky Mountains with male putting on backpackGuidebook or a printed description of the trail

Service is not always reliable. It is always best to bring a detailed description of the instructions to the trailhead and the trail itself. Some great guidebooks for Alberta to Consider are Don’t Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies and Classic Hikes in the Canadian Rockies 


Along with lunch, it is important to bring lots of snacks. This can be in the form of bars, trail mix, fruits and veggies. There is nothing worse than being hangry. 

Water, PLUS additional water

1L for every 2 hours is a good measure of how much you should bring. Carrying your water in a bladder can be more comfortable than carrying multiple water bottles. When on the trail, it is best to take small sips and not chug.

First Aid Kit

This should contain items like assorted bandages, assorted gauze, medical tape, antiseptic wipes, and Moleskin or another blister treatment option.


Day hikes can take a turn for the worst and you can end up on the trail longer or later than expected. Having a flashlight for these emergencies is important and they weigh very little so you won’t even realize it’s there! And the flashlight on a smartphone is not a good option.

Extra Batteries 

For said headlamp/flashlight.

Emergency Blanket

Emergency blankets help trap body heat and can be vital in an emergency situation. They can also be used as an emergency shelter if you get trapped in an exposed area or need to stay in one spot and wait for help. (Add link to purchase)

Sun Protection

SPF lip balm, sunscreen, and a hat are important when out hiking! Sunburns can be painful and turn a vacation into a distressing experience.

Extra Clothing

The weather can suddenly change and the exposure on certain trails can create different conditions than at the bottom of the trail or in the city. It is important to pack a wind/rain shell, and extra top and bottom layers. These extra layers should never be cotton and will help if you get cold or wet and need to change.

Multi Tool

You never know when you are going to need a knife or a pair of scissors. The multi tool can be used to cut your apple during lunch or to help you out in an emergency situation.  

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Male putting on hiking shoes on step on Karma Campervan

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