Saje Products in your Karma Campervan

At Karma Campervans we proudly support 100% natural cleaning supplies in our vans. Which is why we offer Saje Natural Wellness for our guests in each campervan rental with the multi-surface cleaner and zesty dish soap. 

Saje Natural StandardSaje Natural Wellness Zesty Dish Soap

We think this is super cool… There is no single license, certification or definition of what it truly means to be a natural product. Saje has taken it upon themselves to create the Saje Natural Standard as a way to define their commitment to 100% natural and hold them accountable to the highest standard of natural excellence.

  • Every single ingredient they use must be derived from natural sources.
  • An ingredient must not contain residues or impurities in its finished state, higher than the acceptable limits defined by the FDA, EPA or Health Canada.
  • An ingredient must be processed or manufactured by their approved processes.

Worry-Free Wellness

With nearly 30 years of industry experience, Saje has mastered how to effectively target customers specific wellness needs while keeping their safety top of mind. Saje calls this ‘worry-free wellness’.

Saje Natural Wellness Multi-Surface Cleaning Kit

  • Saje invests in ingredients that are reliably sourced, properly documented and laboratory-verified for safety.
  • Their Quality Assurance and Research & Development teams obtain and review all required ingredient documentation for compliance and approval.
  • Their QA team tests all finished products to ensure safety and compliance to define purity standards set out by applicable regulatory bodies.
  • Saje’s partners are licensed and registered with Health Canada and the FDA as appropriate and are certified as meeting high-quality standards (e.g. cGLP, cGMP, ISO) They manage and maintain a portfolio of over 100 Natural Health Products (Canada) and Over the Counter Medicines (USA).
Saje Quote:

“We believe in physical and emotional wellness for all, which is why we create 100% natural products to support you in making healthier choices, every day. It’s how we encourage all human beings on their journey to wellness.”

We’re pretty proud to be able to offer this level of products quality and sustainability for our Guests, and hope you enjoy using them during your rental with us. 

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