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We’re a Pretty Awesome Group with Great Campervan Rentals

If you’re thinking about renting a camper from Calgary, we’re glad to know you’re considering renting with us at Karma Campervans. From the moment you book your camper rental, to when you take delivery of your campervan, to hitting the open road and back again, we want your journey with us to be a special one.

What to Do, Bring and Remember

Before you pick up your Karma Campervan:

  • Plan your road trip “must-sees” and “nice to haves”
  • Book your campgrounds
  • Ask friends for recommendations
  • Plan your route – don’t forget to take your time between destinations
  • Prepare a meal plan or note food stops you want to check out

Don’t leave home without it:

  • Towel
  • Toiletries and coins for showers
  • Medications
  • Laundry items: detergent, laundry bag
  • Lights such as headlamps or flashlights
  • Sporting gear: bikes, workout equipment, fishing gear
  • Books and magazines
  • Pocket knife
  • Insect repellent
  • Rain and/or snow gear
  • To-go coffee mug
  • Phone chargers, usb cables
  • Phone holder
  • Camera and chargers
  • Picnic blanket
  • Slippers and spare pair of shoes/sandals
  • Books, magazines
  • Music player
  • Indoor activities
  • Passports, ID and Driver’s License
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Backpack

When you pick up you Karma Campervan, here’s what we recommend doing:

  • Note Karma Campervans’ contact information and emergency numbers (9-1-1 for police, fire and medical emergencies in Canada)
  • Pick a route and map it out before you begin your drive
  • Do a grocery shop – don’t forget road trip snacks!
  • Grab a bag of ice for the cooler
  • Start taking photos and video – you’ll want to remember these moments
  • Share your experience on social media using #GoodCamping and tagging @KarmaCampervans



Karma Campervans accepts major credit cards via our online booking system. We require full payment at the time of booking. Note: For international Credit Cards an International Transaction Fee of 3% will also be charged by our payment provider (we do not see any of these funds).

If you’re booking through Outdoorsy, they also charge a service fee.

A refundable damage deposit of $1000 is required at pick-up but will be back in your pocket within seven days after dropping off, assuming the campervan is in great shape, fuel is full and no other policies have been broken as per our Rental Agreement.


We’ve partnered with Federated Insurance to provide coverage including collision, comprehensive, and third party liability up to a $1million dollars. The deductible for this coverage is set at $5,000. Basic Coverage does not include windshield replacement.

You can also select “Premium Insurance Coverage” for just $20.00 per day, which lowers your deductible to $1,000.


75% refund up to 14 days before pick up. 50% refund up to 7 days before pick up. No refund within 7 days before pick up. There is no charge to adjust your travel days once they are booked, however we would appreciate three days notice. This is a strict policy and no exceptions will be made. Sorry!

Pet Policy

All (well, mostly all) pets are welcome. And since we clean and sanitize each campervan from top to bottom after each use, there’s just a small $59 cleaning fee for your lovely pet (pets are awesome, but they’re messy.). *Please do not let you pet on the bed or an extra cleaning fee will be applied.

Festival Policy

We’re festival friendly! Meaning if you’re off to one of the local music, film or culture festival in our area, feel free to take a Karma Campervan with you! Keep in mind that we have a strict no-smoking policy and if anything is damaged we will be dipping into your damage deposit to take care of it. Them’s the breaks!

Age Restriction

All renters must be 25 years or older to rent a Karma Campervan.

Pick up and Drop Off

Pick up is any time after 12:00pm MST at our location, 5 min northeast of the Calgary Airport. Drop off is any time before 12:00pm MST at the same location. Our address is Unit #1102, 10923 38 Street NE Calgary, AB, T3N 1N8 (next to Jacksonport Car Wash).

Map Link:

Early pick up and late drop off is available for an additional fee of $100 per request. There is a $100/hr late fee for rentals not returned on time.

Roadside Assistance and Breakdowns

Roadside Assistance services offered include: Tire change, fuel delivery, and tow – as provided by Ford Roadside Assistance program. Lock-out recovery is provided by Karma Campervans. If you need assistance please call us immediately at 403-875-5555.

Kilometre Allowance

All rentals include 200 KM/paid night. Pre-Paid Kilometres are available at $0.25/KM (non-refundable). If you go over this amount and did non pre-pay for additional KM’s you will be charged $0.40/KM.


We’re located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the gateway to the glorious Canadian Rocky Mountains. Our Address is Unit #1102, 10923 38 Street NE, Calgary. Here’s a map you can use:

If you’re driving to Calgary just point your trusty mobile phone map or Google to the address or this map: For anyone flying into the Calgary International Airport you’ll want to grab a taxi or Uber (or call a friend) and drive you 5 minutes northeast to our location.

Anyone over the age of 25 with a valid driver’s license and good driving record. We’re a pretty easy going bunch but if we don’t think you’re fit to take care of our precious campervans we’ll probably deny your booking request.
Our campervan conversions have been handcrafted by our build team right here in in Calgary. We believe people want to roam and get back to nature, but do it in a way that’s modern, rustic and with a small footprint at the same time. Our customers want the comforts of RVs, but are willing to adhere to a minimalist experience – a “take what one needs” approach. To that end we’ve omitted water tanks, major plumbing (eg. toilet and shower), extensive electrical and some of the more complicated components that an RV would have. We think you’ll find our campervans perfect for your road trip without these expensive, excessive add ons.

In person at Karma HQ: 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday. You can also reach us any time via Facebook messenger, email, or by calling our help line at 403-875-5555.

We love you. We really do. But please do not: smoke in the campervan (of any kind), have more than 2 people using the van when in transit, drive off road, use the camping stove inside, go on the roof, or break the law. In general, we’d ask that you use the van as you would your own campervan.

For the most part you cannot boondock in Canada except at very few select locations that, if you ask us really nicely, we’ll tell you about. It’s pretty common knowledge that you can park overnight in a rest stop, truck stop, secret beach side hideaway, or Walmart parking lot without too much hassle. We’d suggest letting a manger or owner of the property know first and be open about it. Canadians are nice people (didn’t you know?) and it’s a good bet they’ll let you stay there. Read this blog article we wrote about free camping in the Canadian Rockies.

There are built in Espar heaters, which runs off the fuel tank and battery power, and keeps the van toasty warm.

There are two 100 amp-hour AGM batteries that power the lights, USB outlets, heater and inverter. The batteries are constantly charged by a 100 or 250 Watt solar panel and a charge line from the chassis battery.

All of our campervans are the same! Except Karma 1, which is our original and has no side sliding door window or rear door windows. And Karma 6 is white. That’s it! The rest are the same.

Unfortunately, no. But anything is possible for the right amount of money.
If you’re travel media, work in the travel industry or are a social media influencer and interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us!


Our top location and activity picks in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest to truly enjoy your Karma Campervan. #GoodCamping awaits.

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