It’s crazy to think about the lives impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic. It’s turned everything upside down. From school cancellations to parks being shut down to limited-to-no gatherings of our closest friends and family. You’ve probably heard it a hundred times already but we’re living in unknown and unprecedented times.

Our front line is also working harder than ever before. Hospitals are overrun or being prepared for increased cases of COVID-19. Doctors, nurses, paramedics are working tirelessly and heroically, risking their own health, to help those in need. Grocery clerks are keeping shelves stocked (more toilet paper?) and food available so we can feed our families. Utility companies are doing everything they can to keep the lights on, gas running and systems from shutting down. Friends are making face masks, creating artwork, and making this all a bit easier to deal with.

There are so many rockstars out there.

So what can we do to return the favour?

What can be done to give these front line workers a little break when this is all over and things return to somewhat normal?

Nominate a Rockstar for a free road trip rental!

We all know getting back to nature will be super important for those stuck behind a desk or among hospital walls. Fresh air and nature will be their cure! So let’s give it to them. They deserve it!

We’ve partnered with some friends across North America to give free road trips to rockstars, and have seen nearly 500 days already donated by some of the coolest campervan and adventure vehicle rental companies out there. This awesome initiative was started by our friends GoCamp.

How it works

We’re giving away free road trips on an “as supplies last” basis. The Fund launched in mid April with 300 FREE nights available, or roughly 100 long weekends of road trips. Our goal is to gift as many free road trips as possible to deserving rock stars.

How? Every time we raise $250 US we add another night to the Road Trips for the Rock Stars Fund.

Who will receive the free road trips? The rock stars nominated by you! Because we expect the number of nominations to exceed the number of trips available, we will ask you to help us select which rock stars will receive free road trips by voting in mid to late May.

Today, you can help by:

  1. Contributing any amount to the Fund

  2. Nominating a ROCKSTAR in your community to receive a free road trip

  3. Telling everyone you know about this campaign; let’s generate a crowd funding traffic jam!

If you take any of the three actions above, please know that you too are a rock star in our book!

To date, we’ve had nearly 500 nights pledged (100 of them from Karma Campervans) and nearly 200 rock stars nominated. Our goal is to see both of these numbers go WAY up over the next 20 or so days, especially in the areas we serve like Calgary and Vancouver.

So don’t hold back. Let’s do some good during all this and see our front line teams get the gift they deserve. Are you in?

Nominate a rockstar or donate to the fund here

Thanks for your support

– Karma team