Food! Booze! Supplies!

Hey guys! As Karma guests pick up there campervans, we always get asked where the nearest grocery store or supplies shop is located so they can stock up. So we thought this handy Google map could help fill that need ahead of time!

With this map you’ll find your way to:

  • Grocery stores
  • Organic food stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Supplies stores
  • Gas stations

Making it easy

We tried to map out as many of the most convenient shop locations in Calgary as possible for your campervan rental. We know many of you will be heading West toward Banff and Lake Louise, which is why we’re pretty heavy on the north-end highlights. We did, however, include a few south-side stops in case you were taking a trip down Highway #2 towards Waterton National Park or Fernie area.

Gas stations, too, are super key as when you bring back the campervan we need it filled up for our next guest. You’ll find pins to fuel stops right near our Balzac HQ to fill up. No sweat, right!?

We’ve mapped it all out

To get to the map click here or check it out below.

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Dave, co-founder